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Do You KNOW the #1 Secret To Forgiveness?

How many of you can remember in your Christian journey being TAUGHT exactly HOW to forgive someone step-by-step?

Hi, I’m Tim Rowland, founder of Heart Freedom, a Biblical process of healing and freedom from heart wounds.

If you’re like me, you have probably been taught that Christians SHOULD forgive, that it is NECESSARY to forgive, that we are COMMANDED to forgive, and that forgiving will bring FREEDOM, but let me ask you, were you ever shown exactly HOW TO FORGIVE?

Let it Go

Let go, let God.

Forgive and Forget.

Leave it at the Cross.

Awesome. Cool. I get it. but… HOW?

It is WELL-KNOWN in faith communities that we are supposed to forgive, but it is LITTLE-UNDERSTOOD how to get there in a lasting way.

If you want to know more, simply fill out your information below, and we will share with you the secret.