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My Personal Testimony

Pastor & Author, Tim Rowland

I was born while my parents were in seminary, preparing to go to Mexico as missionaries. Growing up in Mexico, I experienced the cultural struggle of being different from most of those around me. Returning to the USA, I didn’t feel like I belonged here either. I found I had deep issues of identity that God needed to heal in me because of the lies that had been planted in my heart at a very early age.

As a young man, I surrendered my life to serve God in ministry, and became a pastor and church planter in my 20’s. Moving to Las Vegas in 1997, we planted a church work and served there for 8 years, before it ended in dissolution. We worked in 2 more ministries before God brought us to an end of our striving and began to walk us into to true heart freedom.

The ministry of Heart Freedom today is the fruit of the journey that God brought us through so we would understand our true place in His kingdom, and our identity as Beloved Sons and Daughters of God.

Today, we work to help other discouraged Christians to find true freedom and healing through helping them on the Heart Freedom journey.

If you would like to connect with us, you can send us a message below:

Here are a few podcast episodes/sermons from our home Church, The Mountain Church in Las Vegas, Nevada: