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The #1 Secret To Forgiveness

Find Your Way to Heart Freedom With This Crucial Secret To Forgiveness


Jesus commanded us in Matthew 18 to forgive ‘from the heart.’ (Matthew 18:35)  But how many of us have been taught how to practically achieve heart-level forgiveness?

Pastor Tim is going to outline how to navigate down to a heart level and walk through the process of forgiveness that brings lasting peace and freedom.

And through all of this, the person does NOT have to be in the room! You can gain freedom without having to talk to your offender.

Was That Helpful? Would You Like To Know More?


If you learned something of value here today, I want to extend an offer to you to join the Heart Freedom Mini-Course, which lays a foundation of the Heart Freedom process for you to follow.

The Heart Freedom Journey is the journey from Frustration to FREEDOM.

Through the video teachings in this course, you will learn:

– How to tap into the POWER of forgiveness
– How to forgive fully from the heart
– How to uproot lies we have believed and deal with any vows we may have made in our lives
– How to get your AUTHORITY back
– How to break the enemy’s influence in our lives (how to engage in spiritual warfare effectively)
– How to walk in our true IDENTITY as Beloved Sons & Daughters
– How to live in LOVE every day

The concepts we will be sharing through this course are rooted in our journey of almost 40 years of struggle, and over a decade of amazing freedom. God has continued to expand the depth of these truths and remake the foundation of our relationship with Him.

But, I have to warn you that this is NOT FOR EVERYONE!

It took me as long as it did to discover this freedom because for most of my Christian walk, I still had TOO MANY answers. I had answers, just not the right answers. It wasn’t until I reached my absolute end, when everything I thought I knew had come up empty for me, that I was willing to do just about ANYTHING to be free. (Anything except turn away from God)

So in the summer of 2008, I went down with my wife to Southern CA to the ministry that was offering us hope, and we stayed the next 5 days there and learned these life-changing truths. It was PHENOMENAL! And over the last 13 years, God has continued to show Himself faithful and consistent in keeping us in peace.

Now, I understand not everyone can afford to take a week off to travel in order to learn the power of these truths, so it has been on my heart since 2018 to provide an online resource that can help as many people as possible. I have searched for years to find something online that presents these life-changing concepts, but never did find it.

A few years ago, God laid it on my heart to begin to build it myself. I didn’t know where to start, and wasn’t even sure how to go about it online, but God continued to press me on this. So I took a step of faith and started a Facebook Group where I could share more about Heart Freedom. Inside this group is where we host the Heart Freedom Mini-Course.

There are 5 separate units on the Heart Freedom journey hosted in this group, and each one builds upon the other. Once you have access to the group, you will have a front-row seat to any future teachings or units that are added or updated. You will also be able to see how Heart Freedom has impacted others who have taken this same journey before you.

If we were to sit with you through 5 personal sessions and share these principles one-on-one, the price would be $750.

When we were first introduced to these concepts almost 13 years ago, it was a price of $2500 for five days of instruction and personal sessions. Today, the price for that same program is $4995.

When we first introduced this online course, it was priced at $397, and the value received from it was so much greater than that. So even at that price, it was more than worth it.

But now, because of the amazing things God has done in our lives through these truths, and because we know it can change your life, we want to offer you this mini-course where you can begin your Heart Freedom journey not for $397, for only $97.

CLICK the button below to sign up for our Heart Freedom Mini-Course, and begin YOUR journey from Frustration to Freedom!

See you on the other side,